A star is born

Bergerakmu, Sehatmu
Lelahmu, Ibadahmu
Kemampuanmu, Bekalmu
Pengalamanmu, Kekayaanmu
Perjuanganmu, menjemput Kebahagianmu
Ridhoku, Ridho Allah Swt
Berbahagialah Yang!!!
Senyumlah Yang!!!
Allah mendampingimu dengan sukacita Nya, dengan senyum Nya
Aamiin Ya Robbal Alamin.

Dear ibuku,

I reed your massage when I was in the train to work! At 6 o’clock while a lot of people are still fast asleep. My eyes glazed reading your massage, in the day my birthday. I really wanted to reply back then but I hold on. Thank you ibuku, for all the prayers that all have never stop for me. This is me now. Same as you, a mother and a wife. All your prayers are provision of my journey.

Not being able to count how many hurting I’ve ever made to you, forgive me. My age is increasing and the share of my life in the world will decrease. Now I can begin to understand how life works. It turns out that it is not just a cause or a luck, but a journey and struggle to get divine blessings. If we do good, we will get good results. It turns out that not only that, there are times when even though we are doing our best to do good, being honest turns out that sweet results are not always held by us. We can suddenly fall down because we do our actions to always walk on the right path. You educate me to believe that. Now I learn that belief is not enough. It turns out that I always have to be grateful, thank you for what I have gained every day. Yes, what do you say happy people focus on what they have, unhappy people? Focus on what is missing. I choose to be a happy person, I will learn to be grateful for what I have gained.

I always thought that I was a simple person. It’s enough to just pray that my family and I will be fine. It turned out that my prayer was something I had to fight for in volumes. I had to make sure that every time I woke up I had to be grateful that I was still given the chance to kiss the twins, give them a prayer for the day, make sure my anger didn’t appear when the twins didn’t heed my words. Had to make sure I didn’t kick my husband because he forgot to turn off the bathroom lights or put dirty clothes in the right place!

It turned out that I was alleviating a lot of things, I wanted to make sure I was in the right control, not giggling when I read stupid comments in a group of whats App, it still had a cool head when thousands of hoaks articles filled my phone share many times. Trying not to yelling curses when I saw talk shows on Indonesian television.

My age is increasing now, and I want to be able to be a forgiving and patient human being like my father. Can it? I’m trying, for everything. Not too hopeful to always get sweet friends, easy and fun work, people around who are fun and supportive of me. I tried to get it. It turns out I have to make peace with everything, ensuring that everyone has different qualities, accepting difference is a way to achieve happiness. I became able to smile when a friend let me down, I could laugh intently when my husband forgot to turn off the bathroom lights and didn’t suffocate his neck with anger, just stopping my fingers telling him to go back to the bathroom and he would carry out my orders well and without bloodshed. To achieve happiness requires sanity and wisdom.

Dear ibuku, everything is because of your prayers. I am strong and keep running is because of you. Thank you ibu to making me a star!

#Happy birthday to me!

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