Zwarte Piet

5 years ago for the first time the twins saw zwarte Piet. They were afraid. The next year they love them very much more and more until now.  

We are waiting for Sinterklaas and zwarte Piet not just for presents or pepernoten, but more because they give us entertainment, fun and happiness.

Today Sinterklaas and zwarte Piet come to Maassluis, officially. The children believe that they come from Spain. Sinterklaas will come with zwarte Piet. 

Zwart ( black)! I understand some people have the feeling that it is not the right thing. Racist! But of course if they were really slave that will be not ok! Nowhere in the story is an indication  zwart Piet is slave? They have fun bring enjoyment give the present. But, it is just a fairytale. It is an old story from long long ago.

It is ridiculous some people will demonstrate against zwarte Piet and other people for zwarte Piet. Because of that our plan to see Sinterklaas coming to Maassluis should be cancelled. We don’t want our twins to be put in a situation which can get out of hand.
We just want  peace! 

We want peace! We want peace!