10 – 10 -10

On 6 o’clock evening, my friend coming for look after my babies while i and my hubby go out for dinner.

Since she standing in front of the door my friend likes what  i wear but she thinking something….
“Where’s your make up tools, let’s do something different with your face. Do make over, babe!
With smile i answered, I don’t have any make up, even lipstick been so long  since i live in Holland…………


Besides I do not have time to make up (but basicly  i can not use it), make-up is not important at this time hahaha
But  luckily we had a nice dinner, and  my friend took our picture when we come to house,
I was quite surprised when saw the result, the wall clock shows 10 pm.
Very beautiful because it is so according to the date of the month and year that day.
101010 10 pm.

Happy birthday to me……..

Thank Ya Allah,
Had given the health and happiness, I hope I can become the proud parent for my children and could be useful for human beings, and valued as should be

Rotterdam, 10 – 10 – 2010


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